Day 1

What you can expect during Day 1 training at FLY U

  • 6o minute ‘Fly Girl House Party’ class led by the MC (master trainer)
  • anatomical review
  • brief history of hip hop & street dance culture
  • musicality
  • isolation exercises
  • dance drills
  • how to build a warmup
  • Fly Girl dance foundation moves
  • Using Fly Girl foundation moves to build choreography
  • Fly Girl class methodology
  • Cooldowns

Duration: 8 hours

Benefits: Participants who complete the 1-day training will receive ACE/ 8 AFAA credits and earn a participation award.

Will I earn my Fly Girl certification to teach my own class?

If you are only attending the one-day certification at FLY U, you will need to submit a video audition showcasing your understanding of the material that was presented and ability to teach a Fly Girl mini class. Attendees will receive specifics for what to include in the video submission. Video submission must be submitted within 30 days. Keep in mind no one is REQUIRED to submit a video audition- but if you want to teach Fly Girl class and earn your certification, then YES it is required.

Why only 30 days to submit?

FLY U wants to encourage those interested in teaching a Fly Girl class to practice right away while knowledge and ideas are still fresh. The longer you wait to submit, the harder it may become and we don’t want that for you!

One day not enough for you, then check out Day 2 at FLY U!